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Recently, the Food and Drug Administration approved a new dental material called silver diamine fluoride, which has been used for decades in Japan.

This new material can arrest large tooth decay after removing the decay with a hand instrument. While it is not a permanent solution to treating cavities, it has a wide variety of applications. For instance, it is good for treating cavities in small children. If a three-year-old child has many large cavities in his or her baby teeth but is fearful of the dentist, this new material is a viable option for treatment. The dentist can simply remove the decay with a hand instrument, dry the affected tooth and apply this material. After this, the dentist can go back and restore the teeth one by one at a later date, when the child is more readily able to handle the procedure.

The application diamine fluoride can also help those with delayed dental insurance coverage. Sometimes, a patient has a tooth awaiting treatment. His or her dental insurance will not cover the procedures until months later when it becomes effective. This patient can have the material applied as a temporary solution until insurance can cover the procedures to properly treat the tooth. Due to the simplicity of the application of silver diamine fluoride and the economical nature of this type of treatment, the patient can meet a budget.

Other applications include geriatric care. Many senior patients have a limited budget, yet have many large root cavities due to various medical conditions. Silver diamine fluoride can economically arrest multiple cavities after one procedure. It provides a valuable and cost-effective alternative.

As always, my office stays at the forefront of dental technology and material science. Our mission is to serve the community at large the best we can.

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