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In our Florham Park, NJ dental office, Dr. Chiu provides aesthetic and cosmetic dentistry for patients looking to improve their oral health and also enhance the overall appearance of their smile. As different dentists promote various aspects of dentistry, we often get questions from patients throughout the 07932 wanting to know the difference between aesthetic and cosmetic dentistry. While they may sound like the same thing, they involve two different schools of thought, and Dr. Chiu is more inclined towards aesthetic dentistry than cosmetic. Here’s why –

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Aesthetic dentistry is focused on improving the overall functionality of the tooth, preserving its natural state as much as possible, and also ensuring that dental work is as visually pleasing as possible. Cosmetic dentistry, on the other hand, is more concerned with the visual appearance of the teeth and will, at times, compromise the overall health of the tooth or diminish it’s natural condition in order to improve its appearance. In this way, a comparison of aesthetic and cosmetic dentistry is all about priorities. Dr. Chiu believes that the priority should always be with the functionality of the tooth, given how essential teeth are for speaking clearly, eating, and maintaining a healthy mouth and strong jawbone. Some cosmetic dentists put the priority on the appearance of the tooth, even if this compromises the health or durability of the tooth structure.

A perfect example of this is when examining various restoration options. In our Florham Park, NJ office, if a patient chips a tooth in a car accident, we can restore it using dental bonding, a dental veneer or a dental crown. While all three options are viable and will effectively make the tooth useful again, bonding is in line with aesthetic dentistry while veneers and crowns are in line with cosmetic dentistry. The reason being that a bonding procedure can restore the tooth without requiring the natural enamel or tooth structure to be removed or altered. However, before a veneer or crown can be placed a portion of the enamel must be removed to ensure that these cosmetic restorations can fit with the surrounding teeth. Once the enamel is removed, it can never be replaced, making these two procedures permanent. A bonding procedure, on the other hand, can be reversed.

In our 07932 dental office, Dr. Chiu can perform all of these procedures and can use modern dental techniques to restore teeth that have been damaged, replace ones that have been lost, and improve the overall appearance of the smile. If veneers or crowns are the best options, she will recommend them. However, if there is a way to restore a tooth using aesthetic dentistry instead of cosmetic dentistry, she may prefer this type of procedure and will discuss both options in great detail during a consultation. Keep in mind that, even though aesthetic dentistry is focused on preserving the tooth functionality first, the results will still look attractive. While cosmetic dentistry is focused on appearance, teeth will still function once the procedure is done. The main difference is that cosmetic procedures, typically need to be repeated in the future since the main objective is appearance rather than long-term functionality. To learn more about your options call our Florham dental office at (973) 302-2065.

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