Things You Should Know from us at Florham Park About Teeth Whitening Products Before You Use Them

Teeth WhiteningShould you discuss teeth whitening in Florham Park, Delaware with your dentist prior to starting the process? The answer, as many of you probably expected, is a resounding yes. While we do believe that the best teeth whitening happens right here in our offices under the supervision of your caring medical professionals, we are also aware that many people are tempted to try a store-bought solution. If you are going to go with an over the counter product to get your teeth whitened, you should still take the time to meet with us and discuss what you are using, get a recommendation, and ensure that your mouth is healthy and ready for this kind of treatment.

Teeth whitening products have been around since as long as anyone can remember. There are stories of people rubbing coal on their teeth to whiten them that go back centuries. People have always been interested in getting that perfect white smile, knowing the confidence it offers and the trust it inspires. Not all products are made the same, however, and knowing what to look for is always a good idea. Scheduling an exam is a good place to start. While you're discussing your ideas on teeth whitening in Delaware with us, we can check your mouth to ensure that it is healthy enough for the treatment.

Way too many people, one in every twenty-five, find themselves in a level of discomfort after using a teeth whitening product. This can range from a mild where you need to take an aspirin to severe where you must see a dentist. The cause of this discomfort varies and, quite frankly, no one has fully figured out why some patients react badly to the bleach. Here is what we do know. If your mouth is unhealthy, it will increase your chances of experiencing irritation, so we will check your mouth for any current infections and any cavities. Cavities or untreated infections, will interact with the bleach and other chemicals in the whitening and cause extreme pain. Even worse they could cause the infection to spread, with some patients needing a root canal to fix this infection. Save yourself the trouble and let us inspect your mouth instead.

Whatever you do, please do not overuse a whitening product. Teeth whitening in Delaware puts a level of trauma on the teeth and gums through the introduction of chemicals. In short doses and for a limited period of time this will have zero adverse effects. However, some people are not satisfied with their teeth color or realize that soon after whitening the teeth start to stain again and begin to use the whitening products as a monthly ritual. They are not a monthly ritual. In fact, like most dentists, we advise only whitening your teeth once every four to six months in order to prevent irritation to the gums. If your store-bought teeth whitening solution is not getting you the effects you desire, it is probably because it is an inferior product and by simply having it done at our office, you will see better results.

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